Our Objective
WGI Group provides early stage capital to entrepreneurs

Our Story
We are a group of experienced entrepreneurs. We have had some success building our own companies, so we decided to form an investment group and help fund other entrepreneurs. Our most notable investment was in Right Media, which was acquired by Yahoo! in 2007. Our investments are managed by Michael Walrath, Noah Goodhart and Jonah Goodhart.

What we are seeking
We are seeking to partner with passionate entrepreneurs who are not afraid to dream up big industry-changing ideas, yet who understand all the small steps and day-to-day execution that is required to implement a strategic concept. We like small teams that combine superior in-house technical talent with strong business acumen.

What we offer
We generally make seed or early stage investments up to $500,000. Yet, funding is only a small part of the value we can provide. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we assist our portfolio companies by drawing from our own experiences in fundraising, hiring, scaling infrastructure, marketing and the many other facets of high-growth technology startups. We often co-invest with other investment groups including several Sand Hill Road venture capitalists, as well as top angel groups.

Our Portfolio
We have invested in over 60 companies since 2007. Our portfolio companies are based in numerous cities including New York, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

If you are interested in having our team review your project for possible funding, please feel free to email us a presentation (maximum 15 slides) detailing your idea, team, technology, and execution plan. Please indicate how much funding you are seeking, and how you plan to use the funds. We like seeing screenshots, and get even more excited when we see online demos. We like proposals to be straight-forward and to the point.

The best way to contact us is via email at contact@wgifund.com. Important note: due to the volume of business proposals we receive and the similarity of many of the concepts, we are not able to agree to confidentiality and non-disclosure arrangements. Please read our terms of use below before contacting us.

Terms of Use
By using this site, you agree to all of the following: this site is for information only, all information is provided "as is" with no warranty, expressed or implied, and you agree that WGI accepts no liability for your use of such information. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of information on this site, and the information may change at any time. This site is not intended to solicit or recommend any investment or other action. By using this site, or submitting information to us, you agree that WGI may use all information for business purposes, including sharing with our third party partners.